Friday, December 30, 2011

A Scarf for Lady Gaga

I have been telling my daughters (and anyone who likes Lady Gaga) that I wanted to send her (Lady Gaga) a scarf. I hear that Lady Gaga LOVES her fans, and I am sure she would appreciate a hand dyed Tina's Tie Dye scarf. My friend Katherine (who loves her scarf) agrees with me that everyone needs one!

My daughter Katie and her friend Aubrey are working on finding out how I send Lady Gaga my gift. I'll keep you posted to how it goes. If by chance you know Lady Gaga personally, let me know how to reach her. You can email me at TieDyeForTheCure at gmail dot com.

While I am on the subject of Lady Gaga, I wanted to mention my friend Jeremy. He's on a Lady Gaga mission too. His mission is to get folks to send him socks and he'll wear them and blog about them. What he really wants, though, it to have Lady Gaga send him a pair. I posted about his blog just blow this entry, so check him out!

Have a very happy New Year!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Nana is a cutie!

My mom had a stroke in August and spent 5 weeks in intensive rehab at Kaiser Hospital in Vallejo, California. When I got to California on August 29, she could not move anything on her right side. After her stay in Vallejo she was able to move around in a wheelchair. Now she is able to walk with a cane.

Good job Nana!

Keep yourself healthy in 2012! Make sure to check your blood pressure and exercise on a regular basis. If you need medication, take it as perscribed. Drink plenty of water. Limit your alcohol consumption. Quit smoking. Get lots of hugs.

That's my soapbox for today.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's His Birthday!

Tomorrow is my nephew Elijah's birthday. Last summer I got to spend a few days with him and we had a lot of fun. In the photo below he is holding a "5" while sitting with my Mom (Nana). I am not sure why he is holding a 5, and I can't remember where the photo was taken. I do remember that the 10 days we spent in California were awesome!


Happy Birthday, Elijah!  Best wishes for a special day and a wonderful year!!

Love you lots,
Auntie Tina

Monday, December 5, 2011

I am a lucky Mom!

I am a lucky mother!! I have 4 wonderful children. They are kind, smart, fun, funny, helpful, hard-working . . . you get the idea.

L-R: Daniel, Abigail, Melissa, Katie
 Katie and Melissa are in college, so their time home is infrequent. I treasure their visits. Most of the year I just get to hang out with Abbie and Daniel. They make me laugh. Usually they ignore one another, but on photo day they hammed it up.

For some strange reason this photo will only upload sideways.  No children were harmed in the taking of this photo.
I am reminded on a daily basis how fast life seems to fly by. No longer do I spend my days changing diapers, nursing babies, or reading the same book over and over and over. Now I answer half of my children's questions via text message, Facebook, and email (a thing I never dreamed of as possible when I was pregnant with Katie). I don't spend my day wondering when I will get a free moment to myself or if I can go to the bathroom alone.

Thank you Katie, Melissa, Abigail, and Daniel for making me the person I am today.